For the professional attempting to successfully identify challenging, high-growth human resource or strategic management opportunities, Brindisi Search is uniquely prepared to meet your needs. We will meticulously assess your skills, competencies, and cultural fit in order to precisely guide you to the most appropriate, career enhancing opportunities in the marketplace.

        A general profile for successful Brindisi Search candidates includes many of the following traits and capabilities: Intelligence, creativity, and flexibility; excellent business educational background; proactive, confident, energetic approach; contemporary, pragmatic knowledge of skill areas; superb interpersonal and influencing skills; leadership, coaching and team development skills; multi-project management capability; highly ethical, positive approach; competitive instincts and spirit; and a track record of measurable results.

        In order to initiate consideration for opportunities by Brindisi Search, or to request a conversation regarding our capabilities, please use the e-mail form and complete the requested candidate information along with an e-mail copy of your resume as an attachment. Please use Microsoft Word formats and do not use compression or mime software. If you prefer, you may mail or fax your resume with a cover letter to Brindisi Search.

        We are interested in hearing from high-potential professionals seeking world-class opportunities. Brindisi Search discreetly contacts candidates as appropriate opportunities arise. Our position exploration process will allow you to determine your level of interest and fit prior to any exposure. We look forward to hearing from you.

        To find out more about our functional areas of expertise, refer to the Coverage page. This will allow you to determine if your career interests and ambitions would indicate contacting our firm. We promise to keep you apprised of opportunities appropriate to your background and skills.

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