A variety of critical factors impact on every search assignment to determine the overall level of success and long term effectiveness of the process for the client firm. In order to simultaneously provide the greatest level of 'fit' for our client, and to identify the most talented, capable prospects a number of rigorous processes must first be expertly executed.

        Brindisi Search has successfully developed and utilizes a precise methodology which it aggressively leverages in every assignment to assure complete success. Our methodology includes but is not limited to the following:

        Brindisi Search is intimately involved with client and finalist throughout negotiations to insure a successful conclusion. In this age of intense competition for a select group of talented professionals, the ability to deftly facilitate the closing process is of ultimate importance.

        The time frame for completing most senior level searches is usually from two to four months. Should a client wish to accelerate this process due to business necessity Brindisi Search attempts to meet that need as far as possible. Regular communication with our client is maintained during the search process to insure successful completion of assignment and to allow for changes in course, client feedback, review of issues, obstacles, and other unforeseen circumstances.

        Please note that while we use a highly sophisticated and well-defined process to carry out our searches, we always maintain a creative and flexible approach. We construct fresh strategies, seek original insights, and identify new sources in every search. We constantly strive to translate your need into a powerful solution.

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