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Oct 17 2019 | News

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Tom came to my aid after a long period of using other search firms, recruiters, etc. to no avail. I was filling a critical leadership position on my team and looked at dozens and dozens of candidates. Tom didn't just take my requisition and say "let me see what I can do." Instead, he talked to me about the team dynamics, the roles and responsibilities of the position, and what type of person I was looking for...well he hit a grand slam!  I got an incredible person! Tom did a superlative job.

Stu Shea: President & CEO - Peraton

Previously: President & COO - Leidos | Previously: President & COO - SAIC

I've known Tom for over 25 years and have worked with him on both a professional and personal basis. Tom has filled positions for me and placed me in positions over that period of time. He is extremely knowledgeable about his profession and has a strong business perspective. He is excellent at sourcing and assessing candidates, determining organizational fit, and understanding his client's needs. The best two things about Tom are that he gets results and that he actually does what he says he is going to do! I would not hesitate to use or recommend Tom for search assignments at any level of the organization.

Bill Rothenbach: CHRO - Haines

Previously: SVP, HR - Colfax | Previously: SVP, HR - Fidelity Guaranty Life | Previously: VP, HR - J. M. Huber Corporation

Tom has been meticulous and professional in his approach, and has consistently produced the highest quality candidates that match both the technical skills for the role as well as the cultural fit for our organization. I would highly recommend him for your talent search needs.

Bob Batory: SVP, & CHRO - WellSpan Health

I have known Tom for over 20 years, and have worked with him in varying capacities, including as a client and as someone he has placed. Tom works hard, cares deeply about his clients and candidates, takes the time to truly understand each opportunity and situation and is a pleasure to work with. I admire Tom both as a professional and a person.

John Hoey: President & CEO at the Y in Central Maryland

Previously: SVP, Corporate Operations - Laureate Education | Previously: VP, HR - Citigroup

Tom was the primary outside executive recruiter that I used to hire senior Human Resource professionals when I was at Northrop Grumman, SAIC and L3. He did an excellent job at finding the very best HR professionals, particularly in the Washington, DC area. Many of the people he hired, are still with those companies today. .I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Richard Gregory

Previously: SVP, HR - L-3 STRATIS | Previously: VP, HR - SAIC

I had the opportunity to work with Tom when he recruited me for the senior Talent Management/Acquisition role at Alico/AIG. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about his clients’ culture, infrastructure, operations and talent teams. He is a strategic thinker and effective communicator who gets results. I enjoy working with Tom very much.

Diane Dooley: SVP, Operations - Alliance (PE Owned Firm)

Previously: VP, HR - Marsh & McLennan Companies | Previously: VP, HR - Conner, Strong & Buckelow

I have known Tom for close to 20 years, and continue to be impressed by his insightfulness and uncanny “sixth sense” about people. Tom possesses the foundations needed for success in his field; he is immensely knowledgeable and professional. What truly sets him apart, however, is his ability to connect with and understand people in a way that leads to an employment match that is mutually beneficial to the employee and the employer.

Dori Ramsey: Chief Talent Officer - WGL Holdings / Washington Gas.

Previously: Director Corporate Education & Development - US Airways / American Airlines

I've known Tom for well over 20 years, both as a trusted colleague and as someone he has placed. I consider him at the top of the pyramid of retained search professionals, with an unmatched expertise in senior-level HR searches. He is personable, focused and diligent. I've never seen anyone work harder or more effectively to orchestrate a positive search outcome, both for the client and the individual placed. I would strongly recommend him to any organization that expects the highest levels of service, professionalism and trust in their search partners.

Sam Bresler

Previously: Regional VP, HR - Educational Management Corporation | Previously: VP, HR - SAIC, Western Region

I have been in the HR business for a long time and Tom is simply the best HR Executive Search Consultant that I have ever worked with. I have been placed by Tom, and he has also helped me find senior HR professionals for my staff. In all of my interactions with Tom he has always been insightful, honest and extremely professional. He asks meaningful questions, provides great insights into the company and people involved in the interview process and his feedback and follow-up skills are impressive. Tom has a sense of humor, an upbeat personality and make the search process an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Tom for any HR search assignment!

Rick Wilson: Director, HR - TMG Corp.

Previously: VP, HR - Centennial Contractors | Previously: VP, HR - SAIC

Tom Brindisi exemplifies the best of executive search when it is done correctly. I was fortunate as a candidate to meet Tom when he was conducting a search for an HR leader with global experience… Tom is relentless and exacting in his search for talent, as I came to understand, and he spared no effort to search far and wide until he found the candidate he believed best for his client (he found me 3,000 miles away). That persistence of effort, combined with his keen insight to client needs and judgment of candidate fit, literally changed the course of my career and resulted in the client enjoying great success. After being placed with the hiring organization, I was in a position to see how, time and time again, Tom was able to find the exact right new talent for us, speeding talent acquisition and ensuring a 'just right' fit of talent to our team. Our accelerated global growth could have crushed us without having the wise and reliable partnership of Tom who kept us supplied with executive talent that truly made a difference.

David Fox

Previously: Director, Strategic Talent Management – eGate, Shanghai | Previously: Director, Global HR & Talent Management - Prometric

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom over the past 10 years. His ability to bring a robust business and operational knowledge to the companies that he partners with is not only refreshing, but necessary in progressive organizations. Tom’s understanding of Human Resources as a business partner, that drives operational excellence, puts him ahead of his peers, and I have seen first hand that Tom is not your typical consultant but rather a true partner with your organization.

Greg Ford: HR Business Partner - W.R. Grace

Previously: Director, HR - Honeywell Technology Solutions

Tom has been a valued partner for a number of years. I trust his expertise and his knowledge of the industry and greatly respect the track record of results that he has achieved. Tom listens well, is very action-oriented and always has plans 'C' and 'D' in his backpocket just in case plans 'A 'or 'B' hit a bump in the road.

Sean Sullivan: HR Executive & Vice President - Tufts Medical Center

Previously: SVP,HR - Leidos | Previously: VP, HR - SAIC

I have had the pleasure to work with Tom on HR searches and can say without hesitation that he is a consummate professional, with the ability to think out of the box on candidates and provide perspective on selecting the best candidate. He has always been to the point, open, candid and works through all phases of a search, much different than my experiences with larger firms.

Robert Laggini

Previously: VP, HR Services - NASD/ FINRA | Previously: SVP, HR - Euler Hermes | Previously: SVP, HR – F&M Bancorp/PNC Bank

I have known Tom since my early career at Marriott International. He has been a terrific and trusted advisor. I have also appreciated his career guidance, counsel and insight.

Helena Light Hadley

Previously: CHRO at ARC | Previously: Former VP, L&D at Honeywell | Previously: VP, Staffing & Development – Marriott International

I have known Tom for over ten years as both a client who he has placed and an executive search partner for an opportunity at Alico. In both experiences, Tom was highly professional, deeply committed and exceptional in his ability to understand the needs of his clients and fulfill those needs expertly and timely. Tom is a genuine leader, exceptional HR practitioner and savvy business partner who has the ability to develop meaningful and valued relationships while delivering superior results.  I look forward to continuing my relationship with Tom.

Katie Johnson: VP, HR - Rand Worldwide

Previously: Director, HR - Ciena Corp | Previously: Director, HR – AIG, ALICO